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    Reflex Colored Stirrups (Pink)

    $58.00 Price

    The Kavalkade stirrups 'Reflex' serve a wide, glass-fiber reinforced swing-tread. They rest on a shock-absorbing cushion which cushions shocks and reduces the tension in the knees and joints. The slim profile / body of it is specifically formulated, that the foot in an emergency can be quickly removed from the stirrup.

    Very shockproof and moisture-proof, even at low temperatures. A successful combination of technology and aesthetics. combined in many colors.


    • Shock-absorbent
    • Wide non-slip pedals
    • Glass fiber reinforced
    • Optional with flexible liner


    • Inside: 4.75"
    • Footbed: 3.75"
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    HKM Stirrups Aluminum Ultra (Silver)

    $125.95 Price

    - Non-slip tread
    - Delivered in gift box & material bag
    - Lightweight
    - Easy care
    - Pair

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    HKM Soft Long Lines (18m)

    $41.95 Price

    18m long lines made of a padded nylon.

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    • -$27.00

    Kavalbit Loose Ring 5.25"

    $38.00 Regular price $65.00 Price

    - Completely handmade
    - Very anatomical and gentle to the mouth
    - Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and the excellent material, it is very comfortable for the horse's mouth
    - All components are hand-shaped
    - All sides of high quality stainless steel
    - All mouthpieces are made of a material, which is great for sensitive horses and horses with allergies
    - Extremely high corrosion resistance
    - Anatomically and functionally compatible

    Condition: DEMO - Used once

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    Stirrup Leather - Soft & Strong (48")

    $55.00 Regular price $78.00 Price

    Made of high quality soft leather, extra slim, with tough nylon-inlay

    Width: .875" (7/8")
    Thickness: .25" (1/4")

    Note: These are Karrie's (owner) favorite pairs of stirrup leathers for her saddle.

    Condition: NEW

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    Kavalkade Curb Chain Guard

    $5.00 Price

    - Padded curb chain guard
    - Made of PVC with a thick inlay
    - Elastic straps
    - 5" long, 1.25" wide

    Condition: New