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    Waterproof/Rain Exercise Sheet

    $65.95 Price

    - Breathable
    - The top/outer layer material is waterproof and made of 600D fabric that is rip-proof & easy to clean
    - The bottom layer is made of soft fleece
    - Cut Away Saddle Area
    - Large velcro fastening in front of the saddle's pommel
    - Tail Strap

    Karrie's Review: This is a well-made exercise sheet that will keep water and water off your and your horse. The outer layer is made from the same materials as blankets and the bottom layer is a very soft fleece. Both materials will help retain the heat on you & your horse and keep the cold wind off.

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    Reflective Exercise Sheet

    $40.95 Price

    - Windproof

    - 100% polyester

    - Reflects in the dark

    - Tail strap

    - Touch close fastening in saddle area

    - Reflective stripes

    - Cut away saddle area