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    Sole Mio Flowers Saddle Pad

    $69.95 Price

    - breathable

    - bottom side of functional fabric for a quick moisture transport

    - foam and wadding filling

    - keepers with touch close fastenings

    - anatomically formed

    Some color/sizes are available for Preorder; expected availability date is February 26, 2021

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    Stockholm Sadde Pad

    $97.95 Price

    - prevents pressure points

    - close touch close fastenings before washing

    - super-soft faux fur

    - foam and wadding filling

    - inside padded with fur

    - no fur in the spinal canal area

    - 3D Mesh insert in the spinal canal area

    Beige - Available for PreOrder, expected availability date is February 20, 2021

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    Classico Polo Shirt

    $27.95 Price

    - Breathable, stretchy material

    - Tailored fit

    Pre-order: Expected availability date is April 23, 2021

    Video: https://youtu.be/drL62mpR_a4

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    Equilibrio Style Ear Bonnet

    $35.95 Price

    White Bonnet - Available for pre-order, expected availability date is March 15, 2021

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    HKM Cooling Style Fetlock Boots

    $51.95 Price

    - Feel cool material
    - Inside material has a cooling effect

    Accepting Preorders, expected shipment date is February 27, 2021

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    Mira Leather Halter

    $97.95 Price

    - Made out of high-quality, supple leather
    - Raised padding on the noseband and crownpiece
    - Adjustable crownpiece on both sides
    - Adjustable noseband

    - Brass-coloured fittings with brown leather
    - Silver fittings with black leather

    Karrie's Review: This halter is made from a supple yet durable leather that looks great for clinics and shows but strong enough for everyday use. I cannot express how much I LOVE this halter.

    Sizes/Colors Available for Preorder:
    Pony (Black & Brown) - availability date is April 18, 2021
    Full (Brown) - availability date is March 9, 2021

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    Cool Style Long Sleeve Shirt

    $55.95 Price

    - Breathable, cooling effect
    - Stretchy, tailored fit
    - Outer fabric: 86% nylon, 15% elastane

    Mint XS & XXL and Apricot XXL: Accepting pre-orders, available after March 3, 2021

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    Stable Bag

    $69.95 Price

    - Reinforced bottom
    - Inner zipped pocket
    - Removable shoulder strap
    - Outside pockets on the right and left side
    - Inside velcro dividers
    - Top handle for carrying
    - Shoulder strap
    - Hanging straps on stalls
    - Hand wash
    - 100% polyester

    Available for Preorder; Stable Bag will be available around February 15, 2021

  • Pony Lambswool Saddle Pad
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    Pony Lambswool Saddle Pad

    $107.95 Price

    - Quick Drying
    - Shock Absorbing
    - Protects Against Pressure Points
    - Keepers With Velcro Fastenings
    - Medically Treated
    - Luxurious Lambswool Lining
    - Outside Shell: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

    Nature color is available for pre-order; expected availability date is April 21, 2021

  • Dark Brown
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    Padded Over Reach Boots - Comfort Imitation Leather

    $38.95 Price

    - Durable And Hard Wearing
    - Shock Absorbing
    - Protects Legs
    - Soft Lining At Coronet
    - Velcro Fastenings
    - Elasticated Softopren Fabric
    - Leather Imitation
    - Per Pair

    Black, Medium & XLarge: Available for Pre-Order, expected to shipped March 17, 2021

  • HKM Neoprene Overreach Boots
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    HKM Neoprene Overreach Boots Finja

    $20.95 Price

    - Durable
    - Shock absorbing
    - Elastic neoprene fabric on both the inside and outside
    - Edges are lined with a cotton canvas material to prevent ripping
    - Pair

    Karrie's Review: These are good boots for horses who are not tough on their bell boots but need a very lightweight protection for the rare accident.

    Several color/sizes are available for pre-order; expected to ship between January 31, 2021 to April 2021. Please contact us for more specific dates.

  • HKM Overreach Boots - Solid
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    HKM Bell Boots - Solid

    $26.95 Price

    - Dirt resistant
    - Soft neoprene lining
    - Rip-stop cordura

    Note from Karrie: The outer material is durable & rugged, similar to some horse blankets. The inner material is a softer neoprene. The middle material is a dense foam for padding. The bell boot is 1cm thick (a little under a half inch).

    Deep Blue (All Sizes) & Black (Pony, Cob) are available for pre-order, expected to ship around February 17, 2021

  • HKM Dressage Protection Boots - Dance
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    HKM Dressage Protection Boots - Dance

    $83.95 Price

    - Shock absorbing
    - Elastic closure
    - Anatomically formed
    - Adjustable for great fit
    - Pre-formed plastic shell
    - Elastic neoprene fabric
    - Pair

    Black (Size: Full): Accepting pre-orders; expected availability date is March 3, 2021

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    HKM Comfort Boots

    $41.95 Price

    - Durable
    - Shock absorbing
    - Anatomically formed
    - Inside: Soft filling
    - Outside: Imitation leather
    - Faux fur
    - Pair

    Green, Deep Blue, & Grey (Medium): Available for Pre-Order, expected to ship around February 22, 2021