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What is your phone number?

If you prefer to call or text, please email me ( and I will provide you with my contact number.

Unfortunately, due to the significant increase in automated spam callers, I've had to remove my number from my website.

Different Product Line Quality

The Cavallino Marino (CM) and Lauria Garrelli (LG) lines are my preferred lines for quality apparel.
These lines tend to have more breathable, stretchy materials that allow for ultimate comfort, especially for those who ride many horses a day.

The HKM & HKM Pro Team apparel lines range in quality and fabric used.


Bridle Sizing

Kavalkade bridles come in different sizes:
* Pony - small ponies
* Cob - cobs & TB/Arabian horses (smaller/petite heads)
Full - Warmbloods
X-Full - Draft


Breeches Sizing Comparison

Lauria Garrelli - Runs about .5-1 size larger than most brands
Most are cut with a higher waist in the back than the front for extra coverage.
The front tends to fit like a medium-waist.

Karrie: I wear a 24 in the LG breeches, but wear a 26 in Smartpak Breeches
Mallory: I think they run large and I could almost wear a size down but they are very comfy! I've only had the LG ones so don't know if they all run that way but I am obsessed with them!

HKM - Run true to size


Breeches Fabric

Karrie's list of preferred fabric:
These are all made out of comfortable & stretchy material. They don't tighten around your knees (which is my biggest concern with breeches). I can easily wear these all day and many of breathable, which makes them perfect for summer riding.

* 60% Cotton, 31% Polyamide, 9% Elastan
* 60% Cotton, 32% Polyamide, 8% Elastan
* 79% Polymade, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex
* 93% nylon, 7% elastane

* 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane/Lyrca -- These are typically the jean material. There is some stretch but not as much as the above fabrics.


Horse Boot Sizing

HKM boots tends to run large, most customers order 1 size smaller
HKM bell boots run true to size
Measurements to be added


Fly Mask Sizing

* Small = Yearling/Large Pony
* Medium = Small Horse/Arab
* Large = Horse
* XLarge = Warmblood


Which Brands?

I prefer to order bridles, girths, reins, stirrups, and any other leather item from Kavalkade


Glove Sizing