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EquiFUSE 6 Product System


EquiFUSE is using cutting edge technology to create an equine skin care line dedicated to results. Inspired by lifelong equestrians, it is our belief that a superior shine is not an option, but a result of quality products!

The EquiFUSE 6 product system includes:

  • CFS 1 Lb - A highly concentrated equine shampoo that cleans and brightens the coat, mane and tail.
  • Citrafoam 16 oz - A gentle sulfate-free shampoo formulated to offer a gentle clean, without stripping essential natural oils.
  • Rehydrinse 16 oz - A revitalizing leave-in conditioner treatment that awakens dull coats for incredibly vibrant, healthy looking hair.
  • Citracreme 16 oz - A cream rinse conditioner formulated to rehydrate and restore manes and tails.
  • Gleam 8 oz - A moisturizing shine serum for all equine hair types that detangles even the unruliest manes and tails.
  • Shine 32 oz - A conditioning spray infused with essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants to improve hair health and shine.


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